3 Reasons why making an Art-party will make your life easier

What a thrill! That day that symbolizes that a stage closes in the growth of your little one is close, and you are ready to begin another chapter full of new challenges and joys. Birthdays are an occasion to give affection and make him or her feel how important is for you, family and friends.

Birthday parties small or large make children feel special and loved therefore it is important to plan a birthday party according to their age, tastes and personal characteristics. Art is a theme not taken for many when it comes to children parties what makes it besides its nature a very original theme. It can be used for boys and girls without distinction and children off all ages can enjoy the same materials and projects, no only but also it can be adapted and customized to every taste.

Do you know a child who does not like to paint, draw or create with clay? Imagine a party where they can do it with many options of materials and in company with his/her best friends. Sounds like the best party ever isn’t it? It might sound complex and scary to get this messy at home but there are always options and I assure that you and your little guests will have lots of fun!

Having a party at home might be overwhelming, It involves a lot of previous, during and after work. But when you do it in another place you simply arrive and leave with our complications, it is stress-free and you can fully enjoy the party, your friends and celebrate with your child being a part of it and not only running from one place to another to have everything ready. After all the most important thing beyond the planning is that the warmth and the proper sense of a special day be maintained without representing too much work for parents.

Here I leave you 3 reasons why a children art party can make this process easier than you thought:

1. It is customizable

If you don’t know what theme to choose for the party or your little one hasn’t decided yet, an art party is your solution. All children spend certain seasons obsessed with a character, may be a superhero, princess or the star of the new Pixar film, an art party offers endless possibilities of activities and decoration that you can match with whatever you want, even with your child’s favourite characters.

You can set the party in many ways and it is very easy to decorate, there are millions of good and simple ideas about decoration and food that can provide a fun and creative atmosphere. And forget about the “pink is for girls” and “blue is for boys”. An art party includes all the palette of colours to make all feel good and welcomed. And not only this you can even break piñatas if you want. The possibilities are as wide as the imagination of your child.

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2. There is no need to buy party favours

Why buy gifts for guests for them to take them as souvenir when they can do them by themselves as part of the activities within the party as something useful and meaningful. Much easier, convenient and cheap than the typical bags filled with candy or other things that you end up discarding don’t you think? It also works as a memory of your child’s birthday and something the little guest can proudly display at home.

3. It is so much fun!

Children are always moving, imagining and playing while creating and doing within an art party. They can have hours and hours of fun. Neither the little host nor the guests will never have a dull moment. In addition an art party is highly stimulating for children, not only for leisure time it is also fueling their creativity. It is also a great opportunity to get messy!

Children birthday celebration benefits them in many ways. They teach them to share, to participate and collaborate in activities and enjoy the company of other children. It is very good to increase their self-esteem, develop their creative thinking and broaden their social relations.

In My Little Van Gogh we turn a party into an experience with art at its most fun and festive look like thread, combining essential activities that all children party should have with the most innovative art stations, always guided by the hand of experts.

Would you like to organize an art-themed party with us? To know more about our offer you can click here.

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