3 Things that your kids will never be taught in School

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In education, also in early years the emphasis nowadays is higher in the rational, logical and repetition aspects. The ability of expression of children and developing their sensitivity and creative potential have not been values to take into account in their education in most of the schools. Even preschool programs made for artistic and creative education are based on activities to mature the skills of children using conventional methods of motor and cognitive development, such as cut, paste, follow directions, distinguish shapes and colors, among some others.

Many of these activities are essential for preschool maturity, but according to my vision and experience as psychologist and my work with children in My Little Van Gogh they should be complemented by activities that encourage the process of exploration, leaving aside the old methodologies that are based on direct instructions in which the teacher has all the answers, leaving children without the opportunity to develop their own thoughts through their sensitivity and vision of what surrounds them.

For me the most important challenge in the educational systems of new generations should be the holistic development of children, in which both cognitive and self expression coexist in harmony to develop children's creativity. Therefore it is important to supplement regular education with activities that promote creative thinking, that enable children develop all their potential. Activities that train them to make unconventional connections, to think outside the box and look for innovative solutions. I’m not talking about forming artists which is just a form of creativity. I’m talking about the ability to solve problems creatively, tolerate ambiguity, identify opportunities to propose alternatives, connect ideas and imagine a future that others want to follow.

In the daycare and most of the schools they teach children to follow instructions but not to break the mold, to make mistakes and to trust in their own choices. After all, to have creative children it is necessary to have creative environments that help them develop in unconventional ways not just making crafts as in conventional schools. I think 3 things are really important to raise #CreativeKids, and usually there are not attended at conventional education:

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]Develop their senses

What differentiates a curious child that is always willing to explore of one who locks in him/herself is the interaction with his/her environment through the senses. Senses and sensations are the main basis of learning. Unfortunately as we grow we lose confidence in our senses and feelings. Through creative education and development of sensory experiences children are encouraged to develop their creative sensibility that will bring them autonomy, satisfaction and sense of pride and belonging. Daycares and schools, hardly perform activities of Sensory and Messy Play. In fact the rule is "do not get dirty”.


2. Self-direction

Self-direction is the basis of creative expression, is the true expression of self and begins to take shape from the materials chosen by children to work and what they decide to do with it. All intellectual, emotional, psychological and social changes that children experience are immersed on it. Also helps to identify with others and to start socializing. You can learn more of your children from their decisions they make for their creative work.

3. Self-expression

By expressing feelings and emotions through creative activities children feel a great satisfaction, even when they drawing is just a scrawl. They express themselves through their works and what really matters is the mode of expression and the process, not so much the result. As It is the way to access their inner world, imagination, desires, fears and likes, allowing them to do this with freedom is the most effective way to get to know them.

Be very careful with imitations that children make in class in activities led by teachers as in making crafts where they are expected to follow instructions. This can make them become dependent on them in their thoughts, ideas and expression. With imitation children's feelings are not expressed and may even become a frustration.

As we can see artistic and creative education is one of the most unifying activities that strengthen the dynamism in childhood, it allows children to express themselves through different activities that show their way of thinking, feeling and even how they see themselves.

Contrary to what many parents might think, education related to art is not intended to produce artists or having children to participate in contests or exhibitions. The real purpose of it is to promote the free expression of children, increase their self esteem, develop their imagination, stimulate their sensitivity, increase their perceptual abilities as well as helping their process of acquiring motor, gross and fine skills, also affects general socializing and helps them to create habits.

In schools children are not typically allowed to choose the activities they get involved in , make original creations, follow their own and pace. Enjoy the process of exploring, mixing, experiencing and being surprised by the results they get.

In our Kinder Atelier you have the wonderful opportunity to discover everything that your child is capable to do, being able to enjoy with him, answering doubts, helping to sustain something as invaluable moments of connection that allow you to know more of his/her inner world. Also being in touch with all this environment and materials get your creativity activated to come with more playing ideas, sometimes we run out of them at home!

What do you think about this? Leave your comment, I would love to hearing from you



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