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 My Little van Gogh’s have had carefully designed with a focus on children's creativity development, inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy and other contemporary educational and artistic projects, our Atelier provides a nurturing space to express, experiment, create, tinkering and have fun.  

We celebrate curiosity, positive parentingand freedoom  nurturing the process of creation rather than focusing on the outcome While they are having fun, we ensure the activities suits their developmental needs, boost their creativity and build self confidence

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For every stage of your child’s development – from 9 months to 12 years old– My Little van Gogh offers a diverse line up of classes, camps and parties.

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painting classes for toddlers
Art Class for Preeschooler
Art Classes for Children
Art  Classes for Audlts

EXplore, create and get messy

In our atelier, the experience is build through play-and-exploration stations with different materials and challenges every week. These stations are a set of open and self-directed activities, where your children are free to make decisions come up with their own answers, discover the cause-and-effect of their actions, and feel confident about the choices they make.

We truly believe that giving children the independence to interpret a range of situations as they wish empowers them. This opportunity to experiment and explore with freedom encourages creativity.

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Awarded programs designed by psychologists,educators, artists and early childhood experts

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So far we are based on three ountries, but we are eager to spark creativity around the world. If you want to run your own

My Little van Gogh's Atelier, please contact us

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