Art Party F.A.Q

How many people can you host? 
The space is suitable up to 25 people. We need to know in advanced how many kids and adults are you inviting to the party. 

Can I invite more than 10 kids? 
Yes, they are super welcome. You just have to pay an extra fee for each one and depeding of this number we could have to hire more teachers to lead the party. More than 12 kids requieres 2 teachers onn the party. 

Please let us know the exact number of guest (adults + children) to send you the quotation. 

What languages use for the activities? 
The art speaks all languages!, in our experience kids doesn't care too much about languages if they are having fun, and  we ensure they will!
Our main language is English, but some of our teachers speaks Netherlands and Spanish. Please let us know on the enrol form if you need a Dutch's speaker teacher. 

Does parents have to be present on the party? 
It dependes of the age of the group. 
If your guests has 1-3 years old, one adult per child should be present during all the activities. 
If they are older than 4 y.o we recommend be present at least two adults (Host Family) to help the kids during the party (food, drinks, free play...). Our teacher will be focus on guide the hands-on activities with all the group, she won't be able to offer special atention to one kid or help you out with the catering. Of course, she always be happy to give you a hand during the cake's time. 

Does the price includes catering? 
No, please check above what is included on the prices. We are happy to recommend you a catering service if you need it

Is it possible have more than one teacher? 
Yes of course, we recommend 2 teachers when the group is bigger than 12 kids or if you consider it necessary.

Do you have fridge, microwave, coffe/tea machine at the location? 
As we are located at an Art Space in a child friendly building, there is not available kitchen appliances. Sorry :(

What do I have to take to the party? 

Bring all the stuffs you need to serve the food to your guests. The basics are:  Knife (cake), Candle and Lighter, Napkins, Small plates, Spoons and Cups, and a tablecloth for the cake's time

Also is a good idea bring a bag or box to take home the presents 

Do I need a party flavor? 
You don't need a party flavor because all that the children make during the party is the perfect present for them to take home. However some parents like to add small presents or candies to the bag. Just be sure don't give more sugar than you like your own child eat ;)

Will you take pictures of the party? 

Yes, we will. Due quality standards we document  all of our activities. Our teacher will take pictures of the activities and the creative process and results. We won't take pictures of children's face or share that in any public medio.